I understand the resentment over people who cheat the system - I've seen it firsthand and I can't deny that my blood boils every time.

But this isn't about fraud, or saving taxpayers' money. This is about the Republicans punishing the poor because they voted Democratic. This reminds me of Reagan's mythical "welfare queen in a Cadillac, using 80 names and 30 addresses" etc etc. Problem is, she never existed. Reporters searched every government database at every level, to no avail. But it didn't matter to Reagan's supporters, who fervently believed he was speaking to a greater truth about those lazy slobs living on the dole. That fabricated anecdote helped him win an election. And you're incredibly naive if you think this isn't about race.

Yes, we were all outraged when we learned about the bank bailout being used for executive bonuses. But in the end, after the scandal faded from the spotlight, those executives all received those taxpayer-funded bonuses anyway. Private equity and hedge fund managers make millions in untaxed income every year, because out elected representatives have decided to classify those earnings as "carried interest" and exempt it from taxation. So the rest of us working stiffs have to cover their share so that we can fund our military, Medicare, highways etc.

The information Webjockey cites are not "ezine articles" or "statistics pulled from the internet", but analyses written by respected experts and scholars & based on meticulous research. Try reading up on the farm subsidy programs mentioned in the National Review article Webjockey referenced. Not only do they cost American taxpayers billions annually to line the pockets of agribusinesses such as ADM, Cargill, Monsanto et al, but the types of crops that get the most money are the least healthy, thereby contributing to our obesity crisis. That's a big reason why it's so much cheaper to eat junk rather than good food, and also the reason why we have a pointless ethanol mandate. The military is forced to spend $400 billion (and counting) on the F-35, a deeply flawed fighter jet that will never perform as promised. Why? Perhaps because Lockheed made sure to give a lot of money to powerful politicians, and spread the manufacturing of the plane over 46 states. And we foot the bill.

When Chicago is closing 54 public schools, yet has $100 million for DePaul University to build a basketball arena, or Michigan is providing $450 million for a new hockey arena in Detroit while allowing the city itself to go bankrupt, you know our priorities are messed up.

To better understand why corporate welfare costs us exponentially more in wasted $$ than social welfare, I highly recommend "Free Lunch" by David Cay Johnson (or any of his books, for that matter).
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IDK why you're assuming I haven't read extensively on this topic. Ppl can disagree w/ the left leaning rhetoric and still be well-read.