Ok so normally when I apply AG Recoil, I scrunch it in as soon as I get out of the shower. My hair is still pretty wet, then I plop and dry and have been generally happy with the results. BUT today, I was tired so I got out of the shower( and after my normal shampoo and condish) and I didn't apply it right away. I kind of just lounged around for about 10 minutes ( honestly I took a mini nap) then I scrunched it in. I could tell right away that my hair was ALOT drier, it was damp, not drippy wet. then I did my usual plop, then dried per normal & SOTC. Booyah! the curls I got were so amazing!!!! so happy with my hair. had to share. anyone else have similar results?
Hair: lots of fine 2c/3a
Length: Mid back
Shampoo:Shea moisture coconut hibiscus
Cond:, suave naturals coconut
Post condition/Leave in: Shea moisture smoothie
HG:L'oreal evercurl gel. AG: Recoil,