I did a version of a citric acid rinse (I think) last weekend following the CG book by mixing lemon juice with my conditioner and it actually did more or less miracles. The last 4-6 inches of my hair no longer feels weird but nice, soft and almost like the rest of my hair. When running my fingers up along a hair the bottom part still feels a bit more rough than the top, but clearly not as much as before and it behaves a lot better in general.

Think I'm slowly getting the hang of co-washing too. Due to my very thick (=a lot)hair I apparently need to rinse out in sections to get all conditioner out after using it n my scalp. While the bottom part of my hair sucks in all conditioner left the top part in better condition does not like it. I also used my creamier conditioner as leave in, but made sure to wash of my fingers inbetween so that I don't "move up" too much from my ends to the top of my head, which worked out really well.

Also tried a sugar scrub (mxing some sugar into my wash-out conditioner to use on my scalp) to get all dry flakes out (I have really no fat in my scalp, it's only my hair that gets slightly greasy in any way after at least a week without a hair wash) and it also worked out really well. It seems like the itchyness and the dryness I'm so used to is slowly disappearing too, or at least getting better. I'm getting more an more sure of that my flakyness is due to nothing else than just dry skin.

Will try the protein conditioner today to see how that works out. Got the Schwarzkoph Gliss Kur one to try.

My current challenge seems to be to get the bottom part of my hair to curl, as it seems to be "weighed down" by the sheer weight of the top section and plopping does not seem to help. Maybe the protein treatment might make a difference there too...? One thing at a time...