I kinda hate all the rants about technology ruining everything. I think people are looking at the past through rose colored glasses.

Some people have good memories and a good internal clock, and other's don't. Some are very social and love talking to strangers, then there are people who dread it. Some are attention seeking, superficial and care more about quantity than quality of friends, and some are the opposite. Technology didn't create these traits, they've always been around. They're just more visible now. People who spend all day online are the new couch potatoes. Rude people who ignored you or interrupted you to talk to someone else existed before smartphones.

As a shy, scatterbrained, inquisitive introvert who could forget her own birthday, I consider technology to be a godsend.
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It can be a good thing, Cymp, and a very needed thing. I am really not ranting as much as talking about some issues I, along with many others, do see. It's something I am very interested in, based on my own reasons, and it comes from a place of being worried about kids and social interactions. Nothing wrong with being introverted or shy. People were those things long before technology.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??