Forever. I've asked for my account to be deleted. It's been coming. I'll send you msg real quick.
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Don't leave, Fifi! I enjoy reading your posts.
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Thank you, secret karma. I have enjoyed my (almost) 2 years here. I have loved reading posts, and enjoyed the thoughts and funnies of so many people that I have and have not even really talked to in depth. I just really need to go. There are some things I see (I am not talking specifically about a person/people here, because I like my curlies) online that I am really not comfortable with. It's common behaviors, and due to a long list of reasons that I will not go into, it's just ethically hard for me to watch things (society) go in this direction. Sorry that's vague, but it has to do with the way I relate things due to my job. Things that people feel free doing online are dangerous things, in my eyes, and it seems normal. Things I am legally obligated not to do. It's a rock and hard place. I need to back away from it. I really do need to spend more time off line than on as well.

Thank you again though! Take care (that goes for all of you)
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But leaving won't change the trends & behavior you object to. Maybe by stating you can effect some changes. ..

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