FIFI!!!!! I'm so confused!!!!!
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I hope my message cleared that up, because I know my last post didn't. I had too many things on my mind to even bother.

I am highly frustrated with the world. I can not go online or turn on the news w/o seeing someone being ripped apart for something they possibly did or said, and 99% of the time all the facts are not known. I find it horrible that people do not think twice about sharing sites with someones phone number, date of birth, height, weight, and email address. I am not just talking about whoever originally shared (and not talking about Perri) the Sleepless in Austin article. I have seen it done with copies of 911 calls released to the public on YT, by an everyday citizen. This is information that I could not disseminate to the public after a call, and it makes me highly uncomfortable. Every time you turn around people are calling for businesses to be destroyed (simply because they are offended by one cover or article), and for peoples lives to be ruined. It strikes me a vigilante and/or bullying movement, and it is not good. We have reverted back to burning magazines and books in the street after online frenzies are sparked. People are harassed to the point of taking their own life or taking other lives, and I am personally exhausted from being bombarded by work calls from people demanding justice when no crime has been committed. It's a large combination of things, and I need to back away from as much of it as I can.

Hope that was better
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??