My husband just had to save a co-worker from a "vicious" rott. It was wiggling it's butt and hopping at everything that moved, including grasshoppers. She's screaming that it's going to charge him. He's trying to get close enough to read the tags, but it keep jumping away from him. Then her daddy showed up, and they got to see how truly killer this rott is. She's in tttrrroooubblllee In addition to escaping Daisy just went to the groomers yesterday for an $80 bath and now she's covered in mud. Hearing that she wasn't going to get any treats today had her reduced to a pitiful whimpering lump.

Seriously, the woman who was so scared of Daisy is supposedly a dog person. I am not. How does someone mistake very puppy-like play as aggressive behavior? I will never understand why I seem to know more than so many of the dog owners that I meet. Last year I met a woman who was supposedly a life long dog owner/lover that didn't know until long after she got one that pit bulls get larger than 20 lbs. She was pretty mad about it. She also couldn't understand why her dog wouldn't mind when she told him no in a cutesy baby voice. And last week, I met a woman at the vet who claims to be a long time rescuer who trains them to be service/therapy dogs who couldn't identify a basset hound, a pug, a corgi and several other very well known breeds.