I've only been bitten by small dogs....although I did attempt a rescue that went poorly once, and wound up needing rabies shots just in case. That really sucked. (Although while I was in the E.R., I peeked between the gap in the curtains between beds and saw a guy with a super nice @ss getting dressed, so it wasn't all bad. And my brother made really funny werewolf jokes to both the nurses and me. The color of the serum was bright pink, and looked kind of toxic, though, so I guess it really was gross, over all.)

I love rotties. They have wonderful eyes. And those eyebrow markings! I always think of Good Dog Carl when I meet one.

But a person who calls herself a dog lover or a dog rescuer who can't identify common breeds or recognize aggressiveness is a ding-dong, in my book.
So, I just had lunch with my brother, and learned why my nephew quit a sport he liked, and had even spent a summer coaching. He's called a "head case" because he gets frustrated and acts out when he's losing. I think this is kind of funny, but I feel bad in case he was openly told that's what he's known as within the sport. Poor guy.

Still, I think it's a little bit funny. He's a teenager! Aren't they usually emotional?




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