I will say that it never occurred to me that posting that article could have ramifications (and I don't mean fifi's response, I mean in general) and it's certainly made me think about things I post and that yes, I'm obviously a little too disconnected. I appreciate fifi's input on this

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I appreciate you

(Long wind approaching before I hush about this particular incident in media)

It's the nature of the beast, now more than ever. A norm, and a norm that I can not agree with. I find it just as bad as the stuff Romeo Rose was saying, and you know that old adage, "Two wrongs don't make a right". I was glad to see that some of the sources for original articles/blogs/content went back and removed some info that made it a little easier to lash out, and stated they in no way expected this to become as big as it did (the trends over the past few years say different, but...)

The same night I got so frustrated, I noticed people were bumping old guitar forums he used to post in. People were talking about his Judge Judy appearance and saying he should kill himself, making fun of his physical appearance, and some were giving his real name and saying he has some serious mental issues and attention seeking behaviors. That I do not doubt. The next time he got into a spat with someone over music, it was the same thing. Year after year. There were threads dedicated to making fun of him. I even came across one where he threatened to commit suicide, live via webcam, in 2008. If all is on the up & up, this is obviously not a stable person. I've actually taken calls from people who were watching another attempt to kill their self, live, by fire, after interweb spats. Fun times!

Imo, Huffington Post made a huge mistake interviewing him. They just ate right into it, and this time he made it to USA Today, and several other larger news sources. (Which is laughable because the media is the first to hammer people for not seeing the warning signs before a tragedy, after it occurs. It's also my mistake for expecting the words responsible & journalism to still belong in the same sentence). Now that he has really gained some negative attention on a much larger scale, what's next? How do you top that? One would hope getting help would be a priority, but that won't happen. Instead he got non stop harassing phone calls, emails, and comments on his YT video's saying, "Kill yourself! Kill yourself! Kill yourself!" "I hope you die a horrible death!" That is until they were disabled.

What he wrote and then said after the backlash was horrible, but this can be a very dangerous game to play, especially over a dating add which pretty much so insured no would in Austin would have anything to do with him anyway. He needed no help messing up his own life. Like many others, he doing just fine on his own. In another week (or two or as soon as the next one comes along) most everyone will forget about it. That shows how important this one strangers (dare I say forever) single's add is, in the grand scheme of things. Watching the type of behaviors being promoted.... Well, that's a different story (and why Kimmels twerking prank was genius). I hope authorities in Austin are keeping tabs on the situation. One never knows.

(Okay, I'm done)

I'm still on break. Just wanted to say that & that I am not going to leave, for good. I like ya'll too much! Now I have to get back to it. I have been stuck in an episode of Breaking Bad the past two nights. For Really Real.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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