I think Red-R is on to something. Maybe pulling it away from the roots a bit and moving it forward a little? I occasionally get a squarish shape but it settles down in a few min, especially if I flip my head forward and tousle the roots a bit. That happens when it's tighter than normal. I try to do a very loose ponytail but sometimes I forget and make it as tight as I would if I were wearing it in a ponytail for the day. As a rule, pineappling gives me more volume rather than less, so I'm a fan. It does pull the hair flat underneath in the back but that's not visible and the waves on top look fine.
2b/2c ( weather permitting - 3a), fine texture but lots of it, colored and highlights, BSL.
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cowash= TN
AG Gel Mousse, LA Gel,
DT = Coconut oil (love)