Alright ladies (and gents) *drum rolls* My hair has definitely seemed to grow an inch it touched just the bottom of my bra strap when I got a trim Friday afternoon on the 20th. I started that same night doing the regimen I stated earlier and now it goes about an inch past it! Oh and a note I should tell you is the last 2 days I had wet my hair with warm/almost hot water because my hair didn't feel like it absorbed the oil as well unless it was wet so I figured maybe the hot water would open the follicles to absorb the bit of oil and I think for me it worked much better that way.
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What time of day did you do it? I'm just wondering about going to bed with oil in my hair or rinsing it out immediately afterwards (does water work or did you need shampoo of some sort?)

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I did mine at night time and I liked to leave it in overnight the same way I would do a regular hot oil treatment and I'd wash it out the next morning and let it air dry then repeat the cycle
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