I'm a 3B curly transitioning from the Yuko system too! I've been getting it straightened that way for YEARS. So far I've been transitioning about a year and think it'll take another year for all my curls to come through completely and be around bra-strap length (and which point I will cut off any remaining straight ends - I'm not a 'big chop' person).

I would say that you should stop using the BKT and avoid heat completely. What I do is just braid my hair at night into two pigtails so I can get a 'curly look' while I'm waiting for the rest of my hair to grow out and don't damage my hair or need to use heat It also makes the whole process a lot easier and lets me get used to managing curly hair.

Remember using any chemicals/straightening treatments on your hair is damaging and won't help your transitioning journey at all. Heat and chemicals both can alter the structure of your hair and really affect your curls.

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