I've only been bitten by small dogs....although I did attempt a rescue that went poorly once, and wound up needing rabies shots just in case. That really sucked.

I love rotties. They have wonderful eyes. And those eyebrow markings! I always think of Good Dog Carl when I meet one.


Still, I think it's a little bit funny. He's a teenager! Aren't they usually emotional?
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I bet that did suck.

I think small dogs always feel the need to make up for their size. I've been accidentally nipped by several and intentionally (and lightly) bitten by a couple.

I've been torn up by many cats, accidentally and intentionally, but still adore them.

My childhood dog (small and a mix of 3 breeds) used to bite at your pants legs and try to pull you back inside as you were leaving. Occasionally she would bite a little too hard and get the back of your leg. She never broke the skin. The only person she out right bit was my brother. He lived in Atlanta and was the least well known family member. He would come home to visit and hug me, and it would scare her to death. She didn't know who this man was or if he was hurting me. Again, she never broke the skin. She was far too sweet to really hurt anyone.

I love big dogs, too. Great Danes are my favorites. I am very careful around PB's and Rotties here. I have met some great ones, but we have (or had) several people who fought dogs and those were their breeds of choice. I have ran into some really damn scary dogs in those breeds. It's all due to what the owner did to them, but they would seriously rather rip your throat out than look at you.

That's why I ask people to have a little understanding when it comes to officers and their fears/worries of dogs. They run into some really bad stuff. Drug dealers use dogs, in rather bad ways, to throw off K-9's and attack. They end up dealing with aggressive animals in fight rings and they have watched more than one child being ripped apart. That messes with your perspective a bit. I am glad that more LEO agencies are doing training on how to deal with dogs. I can't say that's a huge problem here. All dogs that have been put down, had to be put down. If it comes to a human life or attacking dog, they are going with person. One can't blame them for that. We did recently have a case where a utility worker was being followed by an aggressive dog, he asked the owners to put it up, they refused, the dog charged him in an aggressive manner, and he did what he had to do. He lost his job and was sued. I can't find that right. It was the owners fault. People have to have some understanding that someone may have been mauled in the past, may have a horrible fear, etc. and put up their animals. Utility workers are bitten more than the proverbial post man.

*and yes, teenagers are typically basket cases
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