I swear the more ish I see the more I want to stay single...

Dear Texas Boy,

It was cute at first you calling me and texting in the morning to wish me a good day but now I feel like it's too much too soon. We have been friends and although you have never done me wrong I don't think a relationship is in the cards for us. Your in Texas and I've done the long distance thing twice and failed miserably (New York, Cali) I need somebody who is in my city to see if this can go the distance or not and this attraction is one sided (Mostly on your end and although physical attraction isn't everything I just don't think I feel it mentally or physically the way you do so far)
I rather be single, explore my options, and continue my education right now. Who knows what the road will bring but right now this is what's best. But I wish you well.

Dear New York Knotty Boy,

We are friends...and that is how it will stay!!!!! Don't mess up a good thing! We are not compatible, your too old,(ten years older is my limit) and your in Philly!!!! Once again no long distance relationship for me!!! But your a great guy, never done me wrong so I wish you well too!

*Pissed off rant*
You on the other hand are a piece of ****. You got drunk the other night, grabbing the asses of other Women (Me included) and asking girls to sit in your lap while your saved Christian Wife and mother of your two babies watched. She is a beautiful woman and she doesn't deserve this. She just gave birth a month ago and this is what you do! I hope she leaves your ass and finds a real man! You deserve to be alone , miserable and robbed for child support!

Little Mama wake up, I understand you are trying to save your marriage and make it work in the name of the Lord but this is abuse! Don't walk...RUN!!!!

I'm staying single. Just moved into my 1st place to live alone and I want to start a Masters program in January.

Don't have time for long distance relationships that aren't guaranteed to work and I have blocked all the forgettable and regrettable ones so they can't come to my doorstep with their bull.

Gonna be single and loving it until I see a man who is worth my time, where there is a mutual attraction and not afraid of the possibilities. Someone who is within my city limits too! Lol
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