He is soo good looking and fine as hell. I would be hesitant to go out with him. I know women must throw themselves at him.
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But AdT, you're pretty! ... I can tell from those pics you posted a while back. (Even if you weren't, what the Hell, you're interesting and intelligent.) Is he a genuinely interesting person or is he pretty much just eye candy?
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Thanks Kork. I hope not to sound conceited but I have been told I am very attractive. In fact I have had boyfriends and other guys tell me how surprised they are that I'm not a stuck up bish because according to them most beautiful women are. I guess I equate "pretty boys" with womanizers and I shouldn't label them like I don't want to be labeled. I feel sometimes men want to date me only because they think I'm eye candy/ trophy. Total turn off. I also feel sometimes people don't take your opinions seriously and assume you are not so smart.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.