I became "addicted" to straightening until one day I noticed my curls were completely gone and in its place was a wavy/straight combo of wild mane Not only were my curls gone but so was a bunch of hair. I could now pin up all of my hair with one small bobby pin.

I stopped straightening for a WHOLE YEAR before it grew out enough to a point where I could cut out the "dead" ends. I pulled up a few YouTube diy haircut videos, grabbed my scissors and went to town. My curls miraculously sprung back to life!

The fab hair didn't last long. It's been falling out at an alarming rate, falling flat and feeling dry. I decided today to take the plunge. I want to take my hair's health back and care for my curls the way they deserve to be treated. Thanks for listening. Some people think this is about vanity but it's not. Our spirit lives in our hair!
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