Within the last few weeks my hair is having a bunch of problems!

When I detangle (gently, with fingers) I lose a lot of hair and I ALWAYS have knots - at least 2-4 each session.

My ends, no matter wet or dry, conditioned and sealed, are always tangled, knotted and seem to stick together. And my ends feel rough to the touch.

I've also noticed the flyaways at my hairline are not just at my hairline (yikes! hairline breakage?) And a lot of frizz at the root (wet or dry.)

Background: my hair was highlighted, but due to some mistakes they had to re-lighten it/add more highlights THREE TIMES!! (november, again in december and again in february.)

Even with all that color my hair has never seemed damaged...until now. I don't know what to do! And now, I'm noticing that those flyaways are probably hairline breakage too! (the hairs are about 2-4 inches long!)

I hope someone can help or give me some idea of what to do!! I'm kinda freaking out!