Still very much in transition to CG, trying lots of different things. A lot of setbacks and frustration (and expense). Had a bit of a breakthrough. Co washing left me with nasty greasy yet dry and stiff/limp hair that took 4+ hours to dry(like so many others based on posts on the forum) so went back to shampoo. Discovered my shampoo and leave in (shea moisture C/H shampoo and milk) were breaking me out (most likely the shea butter). Problem was I had no other sulfate free on hand and really wanted to wash my hair, I was on my third day. Since I was planning to stay home I decided to just co wash and deal with the mess the next day. I used Aussie Moist (which I had switched back to since I discovered I'm protein sensitive, all the other conditioners I bought had protein, and it had been my HG pre CG. It does have a cone but it's not a bad one) as co wash and all over my length, rinsed well, then added back a dime size amount as leave in and nothing else.. since I expected greasy hair anyway I didn't want to put in a lot of effort. Imagine my surprise when my hair was fantastic. Curl all the way to the root, good definition, shiny and soft, dried very fast. The curl was really strong as well which is something I struggle with, for example if I lean back on the couch it tends to flatten the ones in the back and they held up great today, bounced right back. It was a bit frizzy, but I just scrunched in a little serum after it dried and was good to go. I think the problem is not the co washing... it's everything we put on top. I highly suggest anyone who has tried to co wash and failed, take a day or two when you don't need to have perfect hair and experiment with just the conditioner, nothing else. Then when you get that one product right, add another if you need it just a little at a time. It's hard enough to find one product that has all the characteristics you need, I think trying to use 3 or more at the same time (the usual "prescription" for newbies is co/w, RO, LI, and gel) when each one has numerous possibilities and interact with every other product used, while at the same time completely changing how you treat your hair... is a major reason for the frustration and "failure" so many of us are experiencing.

That said I'm in the market for a serum or maybe a milk that contains frizz and has a little bit of hold and not a lot of heavy ingredients (and does not contain shea butter, lol). I don't think gels are for me, they leave too much build up, and puddings are way too heavy. Today I grabbed Loreal eversleek frizz taming creme serum which I had on hand, and I will try that next wash on wet hair, but I'm open to other suggestions. All my other favorite products (garnier creme gel and anti humidity smoothing milk) have dimethicone.