Soooo my sister and I are once again on the opposite sides of the fence. I am Black. I am a Black American. I am a Black American in Taiwan. My sister feels like if I say or do something that I should not attach "well this is something done in mainly black/African American culture." Now to be clear I am not doing this around my students but with a coworker that I speak to and have really good conversation with. Also I am not saying black this black that but try to give the dual side of "America" and the Other. Usually its not a point I make to bring up either. For example, we were talking about fun things and activities high schools do. I mention stepping and show her some clips. She says, "Everyone does this?" and I let her know it is more prevalent in HB fraternities and sororities. We have talked about the n-word and interracial marriage too. Some of the slang I use during break time that comes out naturally is not commonly used in mainstream America too. My sister just doesn't want me to show her these things or talk about these things. I hate HATE when I have to be the role model black to give blacks a good name. It makes me sooooooo uncomfortable. Not only that, the Taiwanese people seem not to really have a lot of preconceived notions about AA in their minds. I want good thoughts to be there about AA but I don't want to be trapped feeling like I must use 100% correct grammar all the time (when the students are not around) or make sure I turn off my rap music if someone walks into my classroom during my planning period. What do you guys think because I sure as hell don't know what to think. I am only comfortable around her and the school soldier to let my guard down and just... be. However just like in America if I am around an administrator, I am just as prim and proper as can be (but don't we all do that???).
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I say be yourself. No one person is representative of an entire race although it seems we blacks get sterotyped the most. I hate when people ask me why do blacks do or not do something like they elected me spokesperson. I have had friends who I was the first black person they had ever known more than in passing. Boy did they ask annoying questions but I tried to open and responsive and they saw I'm just a regular person like them. That is how you destroy sterotypes and not pretending to be someone you're not.

I always use corrrect English when I speak because that is the way I naturally talk. I get flack about it from blacks and non blacks. My white friends tell me I act more white than they do but I'm quick to let them know I'm a black woman. I like many kinds of music. My favorite artist is Sheryl Crow. I went to see her in concert and didn't care about being the only black in the crowd. If you can't be comfortable with yourself it will be hard to make friends because people won't be comfortable around you. Don't let worry rib you of an amazing experience.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.