I'm sure would! I'm sending a horse whisper to talk to him now. I'll have them ask.

We have so many runaway horses and cows here, it isn't even funny. They are escape artists, and make a break every chance they get. The cows sing too, we're sure of it. Just like the happy California cows.

What is, Things you discuss when bored.

I woke up in a pretty good mood but people are killing it. Okay, one officer in particular is killing it. I went to school with him, he is a super nice person, but he could annoy a rock. He will not shut up from moment you give him a call. I'll just say his call sign is Alpha Bravo 5. You dispatch and it's "Alpha Bravo 5, County. What where the directions again? Alpha Bravo 5, County. Did you say right or left at the fork? Alpha Bravo 5, County. I think I'm on scene. Alpha Bravo 5, County. I was at the wrong place but I'm on scene now. Alpha Bravo 5, County. Did the alarm co try a key holder? Alpha Bravo 5, County. Do you have key holder information? Alpha Bravo 5, County. Will you try that key holder again? Alpha Bravo 5, County. Will you call the alarm co back and see if they can try te key holder again, too? Alpha Bravo 5, County. Is there a home number for the owner or just a cell? Alpha Bravo 5, County. I know you said you and the alarm co have left a message but will you call back and leave another?"

(Who needs 40 messages left on their phone about the same thing. One will do)

You get the picture. It doesn't matter what type of call it is. he does it every single time. Like nails on a chalk board.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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