I think it's a nervous tick with some people. One plus, I never have to check on him during a call to make sure he is okay. He won't stop talking long enough to ask. Lol. He really is a kind person, and does whatever he can to help people. Even when he is off duty. If a neighbor gets sick and needs an ambulance, he is the first one there and he waits with them. He just simply can not stop talking. When you have several things going on, it makes you want to scream.


Yeah, I mentioned how I felt when I saw my ex was getting married. I felt a twinge of pain, and I had this insane 6th sense about it. I felt like I needed to (him!!) log on, and he had just changed his relationship status to engaged. The next time I had the same (him!!) feeling, she had just shared their engagement photos with him. All was on my feed. I have not looked at his wall. I thought... I'll give it 3 years, had a good cry, and pushed on. Being from a small town, I am used to seeing ex's or crushes with new girlfriends, and having to face my feelings on that head on. I've only been in love with 2 people so the rest of my ex's didn't count. I could care less. It is perfectly normal though, online or off, when feelings are involved. ((Hugs))


Congrats to your parents!! That is fantastic, and it sounds like you have a great day planned (once the horse gets there).
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??