Evil Co-worker behaved like a 5-year-old all day yesterday.

on Tuesday, 3 of our managers were away in another city and she said to our finance clerk

"you should have told me the boys would be away so i didn't have to rush in."

she was already 10 minutes late.

apparently on Wednesday, when there were only the 2 of them in the office, she was 20 minutes late.

while i as at that meeting out of the office on Wednesday, i reported her remark to our manager.

yesterday, he called an admin meeting to talk to us about "scheduling".

she starts going on about how the students are back at the university and traffic is so bad. he points out that she's lived there for years and knows the academic schedule and should be able to adjust accordingly. besides, the traffic wasn't so bad during the summer, and she was late every day then.

then he said that when i am away from the office one of the admins is supposed to stay until 5:00 (they both leave at 4:45 and i'm the 5:00 pm person). just as i had suspected, she doesn't give a damn and leaves at 4:45 even when i'm on vacation, despite her being my backup person.

she said that it doesn't matter, we're not a busy office and Mark can listen for the phone or the front door.

our manager pointed out that Mark is a manager and that's not his job and he shouldn't be doing that EVERY day. also, if The Boss is in the office and i'm away, what if The Boss needs something? is he supposed to get another manager to handle it???

EC has NO idea how many times we've had calls in that 15 minutes before 5:00 pm with something urgent or rush. *snork*

she doesn't say anything for the rest of the meeting, just sulks. at the end, she gets up, walks out, sits at her desk all day and doesn't say a single word to anyone.

just like a 5-year-old!

and she's got 3 years until she can retire... *sigh*
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