Within the last few weeks my hair is having a bunch of problems!

When I detangle (gently, with fingers) I lose a lot of hair and I ALWAYS have knots - at least 2-4 each session.

My ends, no matter wet or dry, conditioned and sealed, are always tangled, knotted and seem to stick together. And my ends feel rough to the touch.

I've also noticed the flyaways at my hairline are not just at my hairline (yikes! hairline breakage?) And a lot of frizz at the root (wet or dry.)

Background: my hair was highlighted, but due to some mistakes they had to re-lighten it/add more highlights THREE TIMES!! (november, again in december and again in february.)

Even with all that color my hair has never seemed damaged...until now. I don't know what to do! And now, I'm noticing that those flyaways are probably hairline breakage too! (the hairs are about 2-4 inches long!)

I hope someone can help or give me some idea of what to do!! I'm kinda freaking out!
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Since I can't see or touch your hair, I can only say this sounds like you have stripped and utterly damaged hair from overprocessing. Having that much done to your hair sounds like trouble. I would suggest you consider some options, depending on your budget.

1. GEt professional help. YOu'd have to research this and visit someone who knows about repairing hair and probably pay big bucks for a reconstructing/conditioning treatment. Aveda does one of these

2. Buy a quality reconstructor with protein (such as K-Pak by Joico, along with a conditioner follow-up, Joico makes one, too; or Repair Me by Curl Junkie followed by Curl Rehab; or Repairing Protein Treatment by Spiral Solutions followed by Decadent Moisture; in other words, a strong protein tx followed by a strong conditioning without protein treatment... etc) and do an at home serious treatment. This will require plastic processing cap(s), some time (an hour or more), and a heat or warmth source (heated towels over the cap; a bonnet hair dryer; a blow-dryer with diffuser aimed at plastic-cap covered hair). Basically, you're doing a reconstruction two-step like a salon might, only saving bucks.

~~Then do weekly conditioning treatments (not necessarily with protein) and treat hair as gently as possible. That is, no blow-drying/hot rollers/flat-irons. If the ends are totally fried, cut off as much as necessary to get rid of the worst, what you can aethetically tolerate.

Try to cowash if possible to give hair time to rest. If not, at least a lowpoo to be gentle. Sleep with a satin cap to protect hair at night so it has less tangling by morning.

That's my advice. But seeking out a pro is not a bad idea if your hair is breaking off. You may need to do a big chop if they think it's not reparable.

But definitely commit to a super gentle regimen and weekly conditioning treatments at home until healthy hair grows out. (Eat a good diet and consider supplements for hair, like Nourishair or biotin/msm combos if you have no health issues/your doc is okay with it. Eat a healthy and protein-rich diet, as long as it's not contraindicated by a medical condition/kidney issues.)

Don't be afraid to leave a conditioner on all night (as long as it's not the reconstructor--that should not go on all night). I've slept with protein-free or minimal protein condishes back when I had damage and woke up with much nicer hair. It might help.

I'd also never, ever go back to that person who shredded your hair with a bad color job and retreatments. They obviously didn't even bother to consider how badly this would hurt your hair.

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