I like you, PerriP.

And I don't even go to weddings anymore. Ditto on bar/bat mitzvahs, confirmation parties — anything that really celebrates family or couples. My issues with the subject are a bit different from yours, but that dreadful sense of sinking self-esteem for not being like everyone else sounds the same. If I'm projecting on you, I apologize, however.
Originally Posted by claudine191
Thank you, my friend. Nope, not projecting at all. and the thing is, all of my mis steps, my left turns when they possibly should have been rights have made me into the person I am, and most days I really like this version of me.

Seems to me every lesson I learn makes me a better person, not a worse one. And understanding that I'm not like everyone else should be something I respect, honor and love about myself. Which is why the self esteem suck is always, well, sucky. Because *I* like me which is more than many can say.

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