Oh, Rou. She sounds like a piece of work. Our former bad employee did the sit in the corner and sulk thing, too. All the time. It was annoying and amusing. Mainly amusing other than the days that she came in, refused to speak to anyone (sometimes she stayed in the kitchen until we left), slammed her stuff down, turned her back and pouted, and then ran to the supervisor crying... "No one will even speak to me in the morning. They treat me horribly". Hell no I'm not speaking to an adult in the midst of a temper tantrum. She needed to sit in the corner and work that out on her own. Silliness. I wish you could vanish her

Perri, that was well said. The path you take and mistakes you make do shape who you are, and make you better.

I wanted to go by the hospital after work tonight but I am exhausted. We had some rough calls today, and were pretty busy. I ended up working over, and would not have had enough time to visit my friend anyway. At least I know her kids (adult kids) are aware, they have visited her, and visits seem to be helping. Other than that I am not sure what happened. Hallucinations, making no sense, etc. Granted I have not spent time with her in quite a while. I was not even aware she had moved back until last month. She's always been a crazy scatter brain (said with love and in a good way), but I am not sure what caused this. It was all I could do to stay at work when I knew she was asking for me and begging people to let her call me. They wouldn't have done either this morning, but I was told she seems better this evening.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??