Hi Curlies!

My first relaxer was when I was 12yrs old. The reason why I relaxed was because I didn't know how to do my own hair. I would sleepover a friends house and my hair would be a mess unless my mother styled it. She would always do braid outs on my hair and it was beautiful. Th relaxer I didn't need. I turned 30 and decided I didn't want to relax anymore. I wanted to love everything about myself including my hair. I don't have issues with relaxed hair it's just not for me.

I went thru battles in this transition and it's not easy but it feels liberating! It's great to have these forums, websites and videos. It's been a great help.

I have been transitioning for 2 years now. I want to keep my length but now I'm at the point where I feel like cutting it. I normally trim a few inches off every 4 months. I was looking into Miss Jessies salon and Deva cut. Which one do you think is better and what's the price range for medium length hair? I'm very nervous about the cut. I also wanted to try shea moisture hair color. Let me know what you Curlies think.

My favorite products:
Cantu repair leave in conditioner
Shea Moisture - all products *curl enhancing smoothie(fav)
Aubrey Conditioner
Kinky Curly - knot today/spritz/come clean
Miss Jessies - pillow soft curls
Coconut, tea tree oil
Olive oil edge control
Aussie moist 3 minute conditioner

Here's a pic wash day pre-poo with coconut oil, l'oreal sulfate free shampoo, shea moisture black soap deep conditioner, knot today diluted with water, miss jessies pillow soft curls and then sealed with coconut oil. Two strand twist out in the from of hair. Braid out in the back.
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