Isht! Isht! Isht!

I was planning to put down an hours leave, run to the hospital, and visit my friend or leave an hour early so I could do the same but that's screwed up now. One of my co workers said they were leaving at noon to cut a falling tree down before the storms came in. I know myself all too well. I am not going to go to the hospital at 7pm, after working 12 hours. I've had enough of medical problems by that time. I'm ready to not talk to anyone.

ETA: Do I sound as horrible and mean as I feel? Lol. Sorry. I love you dearly but I've been dealing with breakdowns and various other emergency situations for 12 hours and can't take another one. It's time for tv and solitude, before I freak out.

ETA #2: Thank God. She was able to call me. I feel much better now and she wants to see me later, when we can talk more privately. She's okay, though. Bad reaction to a new med and a couple of other things. Whew!

ETA #3 (and mini rant). I don't know why people will not call 911 for themselves. I have had so many people upset with me today because they are in NC, on vacation, get a call from a friend or family mbr back home who is having an emergency, they dial 911 for them, and get mad because 911 in their home state does not answer. I know people don't think clearly when something is happening, but at the rate it happens, I wonder if people are even aware of how the system works. You can't wish for Texas (random example), and get it when you are standing in Vermont. It's always best that the person having the emergency call 911 rather than a 3rd part caller who is not in the same state. It saves time and helps get a proper response. If it's an honest emergency, you just added on several minutes.

Mini rant over
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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