I like my new bed.

I don't wake up all contorted from the dogs stealing my space.

Good buy, Claudine.
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That is nice.

I still don't know how my cats end up dictating my sleeping positions. When both sleep with me they draw an imaginary line down the center of my body. They have to stay on their sides, and I end up frozen. I hear a hiss, from time to time, when one tests their boundaries.

No biggies when only one sleeps with me, other than the fact that they are right by my head, demanding attention, tapping my hand with their paws, smacking my face with their tail, sticking their nose on my nose so all I can see is big, giant eyes looking at me. Sometimes sticking a nose in my ear while purring loudly. It's like having a bumble bee in your ear, and wakes you up rather quickly.

When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??