OOOOh I want to see Gravity!!! I was going to go if I had gotten paid this Saturday but alas. I must wait until Monday apparently.

Anywayz Korkscrew my contract is up in July but I really want to stay awhile. I thought the max maybe 4 years but I'm just gonna play it by ear.
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I wonder how the show American movies there. Subtitles or voice dubs.A lot of my friends hate reading movies but I hate he voice dubs. I lived in Mexico for awhile and it's weird hearing a different voice come out of Sylvester Stallone's mouth. Remember how the old Karate movies did that and the mouth movement didn't match the words.
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They have text at the bottom in Chinese. The movie is still spoke in English. Don't worry, they are used to. Local tv shows speak Chinese and also have Chinese subtitles too.
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