I was reminded of Through The Wormhole today. Specifically the episode that questioned "Did we invent God?" I have never seen it, but my bestie told me about it. He basically said scientists had discovered the portion of your temporal lobe that controls/creates religious feelings and experiences, therefore religion is not (100% proven. Not) real. We had a rather interesting discussion (not fight or debate. i believe, he doesn't, whatever). I said it might actually explain more about atheists BURN! I've wanted to watch that episode since he told me about it, but I can not find it free on line. I did find some segments on YouTube. I watched the God Helmet portion of the program. He was all excited about that proof. It's a motorcycle helmet with magnetic coils (no stronger than a hairdryer) that rests on top of your temporal lobes. According to the doctors study, 80% of people had some type of God like/out of body experience when using it. Of course he left out the replicated study in Sweden which had none of the same results, but did find people prone to the power of suggestion when told what the helmet did. I personally can not say that I have a religious experience every time I sit under a hooded hairdryer, but hey... You never know. Still, bummed I could not watch it all.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??