Hey all

I have curly thick hair (I think 3c)
My haircare routine is:
In the evening I brush my hair dry, put a leave in conditioner in and braid my hair
In the morning I take my braids out and I'm ready to go. Most of the time I put my hair in a bun.

Lately I've been reading more about curly hair. I keep reading on the internet that it's bad to brush your hair dry and I believe they're right. My hair could be stronger and sometimes I think I lose too much hair. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a wide tooth comb and start with my new haircare routine.

I have one question..Do you all comb your hair in the morning? I'd rather not comb my hair in the morning so what's the best thing to do? They say you need to wet or damp curly hair and then comb it but I also don't want to sleep with damp/wet hair (bad) What to do?