Intriguing. An alleged white ancestor of slave owners could be secretly hoping the DNA showed otherwise, and that s/he was in no way related to someone black. But I can be cynical. ... Actually, on 23andme there's a blog about whites interested in their possible (distant) African ancestry. So yeah, I can be cynical.
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I want to read that blog. I will look for it.

I don't think that is the case here. My cousin has actually gone to the courthouse where that side of the family is from to pull records like my ggggrandfather Thomas' will. He was born a slave. She has even given me copies of the white ancestor's slave schedules and wills that I have found Thomas and other of my black relatives listed in. Actually Thomas fought in Civil War for the Union Colored Infantry and his white owner relatives fought for Confederacy. But after war I don't think there were any hard feelings because I found a deposition from one of the white relatives in his pension records.

Now on my mom's side a DNA test would be pointless because my relatives have been living in that same small farming community since early 1800s. Everbody knows who is related. No big secrets. People only started migrating some with my grandpa's generation and usually they move back when they get old because my family owns a lot of land. I just go to visit but I will probably move there when I'm really old and be buried in the church graveyard with the rest of my peeps.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.