I personally love Wen and It works on EVERYONE in my family. Straight, Wavy or Kinky it works. I have co-washed and it is great but Wen feels better. My hair is a 3b 3c 4a mix and extremely dry but my hair is changing with wen. It is the first time my hair is literally squeaky clean ( I heard it squeak ) and soft and detangled and awesome. Co-washing never changed my hair that way. You can see my family and all our different hair types here My Royal Family 4: Quest For A Good Hair Day. I must admit the first time I tried Wen I didn't know how to use it properly. I made some mistakes but now I prefer to use Wen instead of just co-washing. I love it so much I went to the actual hair studio to have my hair done. I learned a lot but I also learned no one can do my hair better than me! I went with my mother and sisters. I gained more confidence in my hair. The right product will do that.