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Interesting read. It is surprising how ignorant so many Americans are of American history. Because of the one drop rule, physically white people with known African ancestry moved to places where they would be accepted as just white, a.k.a. passing. Their descendants mated with other whites, so the African ancestry gets smaller with each generation until it no longer shows up. Duh.

Some of the commenters are finding ways to rationalize that this can't be slave ancestry. Smh.

It also seems that the rural eastern US was much more lax with racial mixing. There seems to be a lot of people who culturally are African American but physically look Native American, those who identify as white but if they moved to other parts of the country would be too dark to be considered simply white. Also, the Melungeons come from this part of the country.

America's concept of race is complicated and warped, especially when people don't want to acknowledge the history behind it.

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