Although I agree with quite a bit of what the OP said; I don't really discuss it because then I'd have to go into details with facts and such to back it up. Also, I'd have to deal with people that are to defensive to even hear me out. I don't think she should have started such a deep issue with an extremely vague approach.

So here is just one example of some facts about "Jesus". Please feel free to research any of the info given, I encourage it. I've spent 12 years factually researching various religions and I have much more "proof" but this just about covers it, generally speaking.

I believe in a mighty God, never doubted there was a higher power. I'm just not so convinced of all the other things people attach to God. I don't feel we need to argue, I'm sure we can discuss, disagree or agree on this post just like any other non-hair post.