Numbers Don't Lie, Network Reality Television Is FINALLY Dying

I know the numbers have declined further in the past few months. I heard something about it on the news yesterday. Burn baby burn! It should have never went on this long. Shows like this are a phase, not a constant. Just like the days of 100,000 game shows and Circus of the Stars, etc...

* Random edit* I had to double check the old COTS. I knew it was not weekly but couldn't remember the scheduling and it was going to bother me for no reason. It was one episode a year from the late 70's to early 90's. That way they had real time to rehearse (because these people were actually busy). I think I stopped watching in the late 80's, but I vividly remember Wonder Woman (Linda Carter) on and elephant and The Wheel of Death. Brooke Shields walking on broken glass, and the sister from Different Strokes (Dana Plato) doing the tight rope and trapeze. Oh, and Bo Duke riding his motorcycle through a wall of fire. Haha
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This makes me happy and sad - I am a Survivor lover, but... every season I swear will be my last season because I do get bored (and tired of the same players over and over). I do think it's way overdone - the only one I really watch is Survivor.
No, that's a lie. I watch(ed) Dance Moms but finally have cut that one after the last season
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