maybe Food Network Canada is different, but we do still have some cooking shows in between the competitions.

on Telelatino last night, I watched Nigella Lawson - yummy!
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I love Nigella. I love to listen to her talk.

We do still have some cooking shows but they being shown less and less. I don't mind the ones like... Diners, Drive-In's and Dives, but I don't consider that in the reality realm anyway. It's more of a handy travel guide. If you are in ... state and want good BBQ, try this place! BUT, it's becoming far too reality/competition oriented. Chopped, Cut Throat Kitchen, Iron Chef, Cup Cake Wars, Pastry Wars, Cake Wars, Restaurant Makeover, whatever the one is where they bring in hidden cameras and fire employees who are stealing or goofing off, Food Truck Wars, Food Truck Race, long and drawn out BBQ cook off's, The Next Food Network Chef, Chef Wanted, on and on. I enjoyed the comp's (BBQ cook off's, etc) more when they were just a here and there special.
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