Hello all!! I'm very new to this so please hang in there with me and correct me if I am wrong!! My son is almost 2 1/2 with 3a and some 3b hair. He is biracial (black and white) but his hair is very soft and fine but has a lot of it lol. When you pull a strand in is about to the nape of neck. He hates the morning routine of fixing his unruly hair which is wet it, a little detangler and a few sprays of leave in conditioner spray topped off with mixed chicks leave in with a small amount of frizz zapper. (Maybe a little too much but I honestly don't know!!) sometimes it can leave his hair a little crunchy...but once he starts playing or takes a nap bam he's looking like Albert Einstein is this because of the length of his hair?? When it grows will in come down?? I love his curls and would like to let him wear it long while he is young but not sure how to mange it properly and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! And I apologize about the pic it's the only one I could find that showed how wild it can be
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