recently, several friends with school aged children had a convo on FB about smart phones (are they necessary, etc)
one of the friends commented that all of her kids (7 of them? she recently hooked up with a guy who has 4 kids of his own) have iphones

fast forward to a week or so ago - she posted on fb that she wants to send her daughter on a school trip to Europe at Sprng Break and posted a link for people to contribute

this weekend, she posted pics of herself at a festival, photos of the drink signs (this one $9; that one $ and was listing all the ones she had. and posts pics of her starbucks a few times each week.

every single day she posts this link to help her daughter go on this trip - and every day it bugs the crap out of me, if you kids all have iphones (and iphone plans), and you can afford drinks at festivals and starbucks regularly, please don't ask me for money

(I can only access fb from my phone - it's blocked at work, which is why i haven't blocked her!!)

i'm done.
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I have to agree with Claudine on that one. I don't know where all this hit people up for money on FB crap came from anyway. If your child wants to do this and that, and it's not a trip planned through school with a proper fund raiser, you need to figure that isht out on your own or learn to say no (to yourself or your child). I know people love to throw around, "it takes a village" but not everyone on Facebook (or any where else for that matter) is a part of your tribe.

I get annoyed enough when someone pesters (not asks but pesters) me to go to some page, like their friends, child's, picture that has been entered in a contest and then share it on my wall, and ask my friends to do the same. I don't know this person. *My friends lose their isht over game requests. They do not want to be solicited* The only way I would do this is if it was a close friend or relative. Go away!

I hate some calls. People get furious with me over things I have no control over and can not help. I would never refuse to send someone help but I will explain the rules/laws to them. I absolutely will send you an ambulance BUT (considering that you have said the adult in question is refusing to go, will be combative and they will have to force them to go) an adult does not have to go to the hospital against their wishes. They can not be forced. Especially when they are not having an immediate medical problem, but you are concerned they will at some point. You can ... If you say no to every option I give you, I can't help. I'm trying, but all they hear is, "you don't give a f**k". They couldn't be more wrong.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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