Hi there curly peeps! I am sophomore college student who has struggled with curly hair since... forever. I will now reveal a horrible secret... Even though I have my hair down in my profile picture, I have worn my hair in a ponytail every single day for... almost 15 years... since 1st grade. It has really been the hardest struggle I have had. Having a mother who has straight hair and a father and brother who have curly but short hair, I have basically struggled by myself using hair products that are just not right for me. Sophomore year of high school, I went through this phase where I thought having layers and pin straight hair was the best decision for my hair, but once I got tired of spending 2-4 hours every day on my hair, I knew I completely ruined it. So wanting to repair my curls lead me here! Since I have been in college though, I have started using products for curly hair and having my hair down for a few hours on the weekends but I am still kind of lost. This website has definitely helped me and I finally decided to register since I visit it very often. Realizing what kind of curly hair I am (3b!) and seeing a website dedicated for curly hair has made me realize that I have not been doing my hair any justice. It is a long road to having beautiful, curly hair!