If you do, be sure and use a heat protectant. Aveda Brilliant Damage Control is a silicone free heat protectant, as is Curly Hair Solutions ReMane Straight.

I would also recommend using a flat iron with a reliable thermostat, set on the lowest temperature which will work with your hair. On mine, that's 180F, and straightens my hair on one pass. Solia also has an excellent tourmaline ceramic iron with a thermostat and other desirable features at about half the price. Folica also has a recycling program on their appliances over a certain amount, which I think both of these are, which gives you $40 off if you send them an old hair dryer or flat iron, but I'm not finding the link right now.

That said, I'd be more tempted to flaunt those curls. They may not be as great as you know they're going to be, but all those people who only knew you with bored straight hair won't know that. They're just going to be blown over by the real you.

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