So I went on YouTube and saw some tutorials for Havana twists and Marley twists on short natural hair. I finally found a technique that doesn't look too complicated. I want to try it out in November when it's been 3 months since my close crop and little bit more hair so I can do them slightly bigger. Anyway, I have not had any fake hair in a looooooooooooong ass time. I had braid extensions as a kid during the 90s, and one time in 2008 I kept a weave in for 24 hours. I have no idea how to care for hair under extensions. Ideally, I like to keep the hair in for 2 weeks, have a week with hair out, and then two weeks with in again. I am so used to wetting my hair daily and applying olive oil to seal the moisture. Plus usually twice a week I co-wash, apply leave in, and do shea butter. I think I can go the two weeks w/o a wash co-wash (maybe), but how do I re-moisturize? Anyone have tips for caring for hair under extensions?

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