I've finally joined your wonderful website.

I've been on a few times to find an answer to specific questions but never had the mind to join in!
Well now I am!

I have worked out that I (think I) have:
Fine/Medium width,
Highly porous,
Dense hair.

It's so damn frissy! Although it has been less-so after I've been using Aussie's Curly hair products - shampoo, then their 3-minute miracle deep conditioner, with copious amounts of their Frizz Serum when it's wet, and as it dries out.

I've been growing my hair out from a crazy short pixie/short at back with fringe-bangs, for about 18 months now.
It's finally down to my collar bones, but I want it down to my elbows/waist eventually.
When I had it that long last time, I was in high school and it was a massive pain and was always thrown in an ugly pony tail.

Now I have a sweeping fringe and my curls slowly fall out.
Day 1 - 2 is mad curls, and is sometimes too much to cope with so gets put in a bun or clip.
Day 3+ it falls out into looser curls, if I can last until about Day 5, it goes all big loose curls like you see in magazines.

I'm hoping to find a lovely nutritious regime to get my hair in it's best condition so it grows thick and curly, and get ready for our inevitable wedding...