Second day hair:

I slept with a night cap and woke up with flattened curls. To reactivate them, I stood over the sink, collected a palm full of water then pressed it to my head over and over until all of my hair was wet again. I think that's the super soak method (??). After I was done, my hair was dripping all over the place. I then scrunched with a microfiber towel. After that I scrunched in a little bit more of the ecostyler gel. Any frizzy pieces were twirled around my finger and skipped like a jump rope to get the curl back. Lastly, I diffused to almost dry. Here are the results before volumizing with my hair pick:
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Going COLD TURKEY!!-photo-5.jpg   Going COLD TURKEY!!-photo-4.jpg  
Day 1 of Curly Girl method: 10/5/13
3b Mostly Normal Porosity. Medium Density, Fine to Medium Width, Medium Texture.
SM Y&B TS and Condish. Ecostyler with Argan oil gel.
Daughter: Long frizzy Swavy 2a turned Wavy Curvy 2B - thanks to Devachan, Low Porosity, Medium Texture, High Density

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