Scrills, I looked for you at the flea market today; were you there?
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Yes. I was there. We were near the back/south/right wall.

Did u enjoy it?

We had an amazing time. Great food. Sangria, and i had my best show ever. And that's amazing considering we were selling scarves in 75 degree weather

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Hmmm........I thought I explored that area, but there were some booths I didn't venture into because I didn't want Mia to disrupt the crowd.

I liked it a lot! I wish I'd spent more on food and less on stuff, though. Next time, that's my plan. I found some ladies who sell Indian Ginger cookies downtown, so I'm going to walk over there for a treat this week. They were super nice. I would say only two out of 100 people or more were weird about Mia. I was thrilled.

So glad it went well for you. Sorry I missed your scarves.
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I'm trying to remember who was near us. We were in the same aisle as the person selling jams and jellies (not the way against the wall, but a row or two over). Something made with guns. license plate art. that's all I can really remember