Hey Everyone!

This is my first post. I've been looking for Kinky Curly Custard at a good price, (because I find it overpriced compared to US prices-like everything!). I live in the downtown core in Toronto. I'm a little excited right now because I have called 4 places and in my last call I hit pay dirt!

I am going to Sunrise Beauty Supplies at Gerrard Square today. If you dig kinky Curly you should too. I use the Kinky Curly Custard and The Knot Today. Let me tell you the prices they quoted over the phone.

Kinky Curly Custard 8oz $19.99!
Kinky Curly Custard 16oz $34.99!
Knot Today 8oz $14.99!

That is amazing! I don't believe in getting ripped off so I'm going to hop the streetcar and save myself some dosh... or buy more products with all my savings!

I think we should all be able to save a few bucks as Canadians because we always seemed to get reamed on the exchange rate and shipping costs. Here is my roundup on the Kinky Curly prices based on my phone calls today. Sunrise may carry other products you like to use. Give them a call and do your own comparison.

Curl Bar (Sherbourne st)
KC Custard 8oz $28
KC Knot Today $24

Curl Ambassadors (Harbord st)
KC Custard 16oz $46.10
KC Knot Today 8oz $31.11

HoneyFig (Sheppard ave)
KC Custard 160z $40.00
KC Knot Today 8oz $24.00

KC Custard 16oz $49.00
KC Knot Today 8oz $24.99

Quite a difference in price! So, I am definitely heading over to Sunrise to save me some money. Give them a call (416.465.8154) to price compare whatever you're using ... maybe they carry it. They seemed nice and helpful on the phone. I'll post my experience once I've visited the shop!

Bye for now!