Lets see, I do oil pre poo's, shampoo and conditioner. When I condition I add honey. When I am not shampooing I clarify with acv. I use shea moisture daily moisturizer, I put evoo in the bottle. I seal with coconut oil. I use silk scarves around my hair for bands. Or goody brand bands, they are the kind that you have to tie a knot, so they come a loose not sure the name. I sleep with a silk wrap at night. I play with my hair, so I keep a scarf on while I am home.

I have started braiding my hair, with the hopes of leaving it alone more now. I noticed that my hair knots at the ends. I try keep my ends trimmed at much as possible. I do deep condition, but I really don't like using heat often, so I don't use heat too much.

I have not been to a dermatologist. I don't believe a use a lot of protein. I don't take supplements. I eat yogurt, even though it does not match up with vitamins. I drink water and green tea. I wanted to start making the smoothie drinks, have not found one that I'm sure is what I need.

Diet I don't eat a lot of sweets. I eat vegetables and fruits. I cook so im not eating a ton of fast food. I bake my meats, try not to eat a ton of fried foods. I like eating nuts I also get nutrition from those.

Hope I gave you the answers you were looking for. Thanks for the help so far.