Hi I'm new! I was hoping your girls might have some direction for me.
I have used Tigi Curls Rock for probably 5 years. They switched the formula to Curlesque and I'm not a fan - it dries my hair out.
So I'm on the hunt for a new styling product that is similar to Curls Rock.
Before you answer - keep in mind a few things - I want to keep it budget friendly (paying $26 for a bottle vs. $12). I am very low maintenence. I use shampoo & conditioner every morning, comb thru, put on Curls rock, scrunch, let it air dry and then style it a bit from there. I've tried the new EverCurl but there isn't any hold (which I love crunch free but it wasn't enough hold to lock my curls/waves in so they could dry and set. They just sort of wimped out).

I have 2C blonde hair. VERY thick, parts of it are coarse. Parts are curlier than others. Other parts I have to coax into a curl/wave. My hair has loosened as I've had children.

Okay - any suggestions?