Oh...thanks for the clue. It took a moment for me to figure it out, and now I remember him.

Ha...I was wondering who CA was.

I recognize Lilly Rabe from all 3 seasons along with a few others.

I do wonder about O'Hare's current character. And hopefully, we will get to see more of the actress from Six Feet Under.

Lilly Rabe is the actress who plays Misty Day (and played the young nun in Asylum). CA is Curlyarca Dennis O'Hare was in 2 seasons, not 3. Sorry about that. He was in the first, and will be in Coven. He was the man on fire in season 1, if that makes sense (w/o spoiling for those who have not seen it).
I adore him. He is an incredible actor. They could not have found a better person to play Russell, the Vampire King of Mississippi on True Blood.

I really do appreciate the writers approach to topics. The show is supposed to be horrifying and they have covered several sensitive subjects in American History (and current events), in a unusual way.
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