^ I'm liking the pic there, not the post. I hope she's ok. Has your mum gone away?
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Yes she did. She had plans (and had promised) to watch my youngest nephew play one baseball game. He has one today. She did shorten it to an over night trip. She'll be heading back in the am.

I'm with her cat now. I've put on my kitty nurse hat, I've worn it many times, and broken out my complete encyclopedia of cat illnesses. Not sure exactly what is going on with her. She was vomiting and had diarrhea for a day and a half, and would not eat. Now she is eating small bites, she is still drinking water but she is lethargic at times. She is still moving from spot to spot in the house, but that is about it. She is drinking water, and still peeing but she peed on herself yesterday (didn't know until later last night) and is breathing very fast and hard. I gave her some water with a bit of pedialyte and she sat up and drank some. I read it was safe for cats in several places before I did it. No blood, she doesn't seem to have pain when she uses the bathroom... Idk. She just looks so weak and pitiful.

She's 13, btw so it could just be that time... I've had cats live for 20 years but it's highly possible at this age.
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